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More In O2valley

  • More Water Less Issues Better Life

  • More Water Less Issues Better Life

    Keeping the natural water bodies alive, creating small and regular spots for birds and passing maximum rain water bank to the Earth to preserve nature’s precious water reserve. All used water to be re-cycled and re-used for toilet flushing and watering the greens. This will results in saving 40% of the regular water usage.

    Come, contribute your bit, we just did ours

  • More Green Less Pollution

  • More Green less Pollution

    Live where the connection between the people and natural environment is strengthened, naturally. A place that allows you to grow and grows on you as well. Where your love for nature multiplies with every passing day. Where you and your family can start living healthier and where freedom is an impression of joy. When everyone is struggling in away from the beauty of the nature, you can be sure of living a life in the arms of nature, the lap of green and be caressed by mother earth.

    So come, live free naturally by starting to live and love the world around you.

  • More Light Less Heat

  • More Light Less Heat

    Each structure has been placed in an angle that welcomes the sun and diffuse light from all the sides. A balance between walls and windows with their computer analyzed placement and sizing ensures maximum light and breeze and minimum heat passed into the interiors of the home. Come, it’s time to show up your sunny side.

  • More Power Less Fixture Lower Bills

  • More Less Fixture Lower Bills

    The basic nature elements namely: Sun, Water and Air have been well studied with their behavior on this land. Every o2 valley resident lives as a responsible citizen enjoying abundance of facilities and being able to effortlessly conserve energy and contribute their part.

    Hence the installation of smarter and greener electrical fitting for energy conservation and lighter electricity fitting for energy conservation and lighter electricity bills is put in place.Come, live eco-friendly and eco-informed.

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